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Preventative Maintenance

Practice Regular Maintenance in Northeast Portland

Preventive Maintenance in Portland, OR

Your car manufacturer has a maintenance schedule specially designed for your vehicle make and model. This schedule ensures you get the best value from your vehicle. By taking care of your vehicle over time, you'll both improve its useful life and reduce the chance of unexpected repairs.

Although automotive maintenance takes some time and a little money, the pay-off for keeping up with your factory scheduled maintenance plan makes each service visit worth your while. It also keeps your manufacturer's warranty in-tact if you're covered under it.

Preventive maintenance is essential for getting the longest, safest, and most reliable usage out of your car, truck, or SUV.

AG Automotive offers preventive maintenance for gas and diesel vehicles. We serve customers across Northeast Portland, North Gresham, Parkrose, and Argay.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Below you'll find a list of popular preventive maintenance services we perform:

  • Oil Change: You can't expect your car or truck to continue running if you never change the motor oil. Stop in today for an oil change service. It's one of the easiest and quickest maintenance services. It's also an essential part of automotive care.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Your gas or diesel engine needs air, specifically oxygen, to run. Before air enters your engine, it passes through the air filter. The role of the air filter is to prevent debris and dirt from getting inside with the air. As you can imagine, the air filter gets dirty over time and needs periodic replacement.
  • Fuel Injection: Your car's fuel injectors are responsible for spraying a mist of fuel for your engine to burn. Unfortunately, they tend to become dirty over time and through normal use. A dirty fuel injection system can cause a loss in vehicle performance. Have your system and injectors checked to prevent misfires, poor acceleration, and rough idling.
  • Spring Checkup: During a spring checkup, your car is inspected to make sure it's ready for the hot summer months ahead. During this service, we'll check your battery (bad winters tend to shorten battery life), see if you need to change your winter tires, check your tire pressure, and inspect other components to make sure you're good to go.
  • Winterization Checkup: If you've heard the phrase "winterizing your car," it refers to this service. Winter months and freezing temperatures can do a lot of damage on a vehicle. During a winterization checkup, we'll test your battery to determine its chance of survival in the months ahead, see if you have winter tires installed, check the type of motor oil you have, and inspect other important components that might lead to trouble if left alone.
  • Mileage Service: To stay in warranty, most manufacturers require that you have your vehicle checked at different mileage intervals. Our detailed preventive maintenance page reviews the many services we offer, including recommended maintenance from 7,500 miles to 180,000 miles.

Safeguard against expensive repairs in the future with regular maintenance. Contact us to get started.

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