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Water in Your Gas Tank?

Getting water in your gas tank can happen a few different ways. Your fuel can be contaminated if the fuel supplier failed to mix the fuel additives properly. Perhaps the gas station that you filled up at has a bad water filter. Maybe your gas cap got left off after your last fill-up and it rained sometime in the interim. However, it happened, it needs to be addressed.

The main symptom that you may have water in your tank is a noticeable hesitation between pushing down on the accelerator and the vehicle actually moving forward. This includes freeway driving where your acceleration doesn’t seem to match the level of gas pedal depression, as well as sputtering and seemingly random bursts of acceleration.

The hesitation is due to the injectors having water slugs go into them. Since water does not burn the same way gasoline does, the piston is not pushing anything upward after the combustion chamber is sprayed with water and causes steam to form. This is what causes the sudden jolt to a higher speed. These slugs of water can also cause sudden cooling in the engine and may result in shortened engine life.

Fixing this issue requires completely draining your fuel tank and cleaning your entire fuel system. Remember, while it is normal to have a little bit of water in your fuel tank, these symptoms won’t occur unless the amount of water has become problematic. If you do notice these symptoms, the issue needs to be dealt with promptly. If you think you might have water in your fuel tank call AG Diesel Repair today! 503-253-1747

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