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What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance services aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures. The primary goal of Preventative maintenance is to prevent the failure of equipment before it occurs. It is designed to preserve your vehicle’s reliability by replacing worn components before they fail. Preventative maintenance services include oil changes, monitoring all fluids, tire rotations, timing belt replacement, coolant flushes, and more. In addition, technicians can monitor and record system health, so they know to replace, or repair worn parts before they cause system failure. Technological advances in tools for inspection and diagnosis have enabled even more accurate and effective vehicle maintenance. The ideal Preventative maintenance program would prevent all equipment failure before it occurs.

A common misconception is that Preventative Maintenance is unduly costly. This logic dictates that it would cost more for consistent regular maintenance than it would normally cost to operate a vehicle until a repair is absolutely necessary. This is simply not true. Especially when the value of your own time is taken in to account.

The benefits of preventative maintenance are two-fold. Not only are you getting the best possible cost per mile for the lifespan of your vehicle, you’re also getting the added benefit of not getting blindsided by an expensive emergency repair. Is there ever a good time to be without your vehicle and have a bill to pay for several thousand dollars to get it back on the road? Absolutely not. So, get ahead of the game and stay up on your preventative maintenance by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule designed by a trusted service advisor. Call us today to get started on your own maintenance schedule and invest in your vehicle’s future. 503-253-1747

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