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The Cost of a New Timing Belt

Your timing belt is responsible for synchronizing your engine’s functions. It controls the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. It also controls the opening and closing of your engine’s valves to allow air and gas in and out. This causes the fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber. During this explosion, the valves push the pistons down.

Your engines valves all must open and close at the exact right time. The timing belt ensures that this happens. If the belt breaks, your engine’s valves will open at the wrong time and hit the pistons. This can cause serious engine damage.

The problem with timing belts is that there are usually no symptoms that they’re about to break. One minute it’s working; the next minute, snap! The best way to prevent this scenario is with routine inspections by a trusted technician. Replacing a broken timing belt can cost up to double what it would be to replace a worn belt for preventative reasons. Especially if the break has caused damage to the valves, pistons, or water pump.

So, make sure to get your vehicle inspected a few times a year and ask your service advisor about the status of your timing belt. Catching this one repair before it breaks can save you a lot of money. Remember, preventative maintenance is the most important thing you can do to get the lowest cost per mile from your vehicle. If you don’t know the status of your timing belt give us a call today to set up a comprehensive inspection. 503-253-1747

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