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The Light Came On! How Do I "Check Engine"?

Your check engine light is on. What now? How bad is it? How much is it going to cost? These are questions every motorist has at some point when that ambiguously named “Check Engine Light” comes on.

Honestly, there is a lengthy list of things it could be. Oxygen sensors, mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, glow plugs, gas cap, or your catalytic converter are all elements that can trigger your Check Engine Light if something is amiss. That may sound overwhelming, but just know this, the sooner you get the issue addressed, whatever it may be, the cheaper the fix will be. Period. Ignoring any of these issues can only lead to additional repairs and bigger bills.

The check engine light is there to alert you that a problem needs to be diagnosed. You won’t know what that problem is until a trained technician using a complex diagnostic machine reads and interprets the reference code that is produced by your vehicle’s internal computer. The code will tell your technician what the issue is that caused the light to come on.

If the issue is addressed immediately, you can minimize the damage and prevent the single-issue repair from snowballing into a multiple-issue repair. Look at it like this, the Check Engine Light coming on is your vehicle trying to communicate to you that something hurts, and while you don’t speak vehicle, guess what? You know someone who does. Your trusted auto repair shop! So, make an appointment to find out what your vehicle is complaining about and get it taken care of.

If your Check Engine Light is on, call and make an appointment today. Don’t wait! Your vehicle will thank you for it. 503-253-1747

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