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One Simple Way To Save Big on Auto Repair

Here at AG Automotive we urge our customers to replace their engine belts, radiator and heater hoses at specified intervals as part of a regular maintenance plan. Your serpentine belt alone is used to turn the water pump, alternator, power steering AND air conditioning compressor. If this belt fails due to neglect, you could be in for a vast array of far more expensive repairs. A blown hose can result in an overheated engine which can lead to lots of expensive, additional engine damage.

A simple visual inspection often does not reveal the true condition of a belt or hose because most belts and hoses fail from the inside out. Rubber hoses can become hard and brittle, deteriorating with age and heat exposure causing them to split, blister or leak while belts can also break down with heat, mileage and age.

The only way to be sure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition and massively lower the probability of a major repair due to a compromised hose, belt, or fluid issue; is to commit to a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Three to four times a year (depending on your vehicle and your driving patterns), have a qualified technician inspect your vehicle. These inspections can be done in conjunction with any other maintenance that may be due. This way, your trusted repair shop can not only catch any maintenance items before they fail, but they will be able to keep tabs on the deterioration of these parts and set your next maintenance appointment accordingly. The longer you frequent the same shop, the more data they have available to maximize the efficiency of each appointment.

AG Automotive uses our state-of-the-art shop management software, combined with the experience and training of our technicians and service advisors to tailor a maintenance plan specifically for YOUR vehicle. This not only prevents breakdowns, but also maximizes the efficiency of your maintenance appointments. Getting started on a custom maintenance plan is the one simple thing that will absolutely guarantee that your vehicle gets the lowest possible cost-per-mile over its lifespan.

Call AG Automotive today to get started on your own maintenance plan and start preventing those future breakdowns today! 503-253-1747

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