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3 Reasons Your Tires Are More Important Than You Think

We here at AG hear the question “How often should I replace my tires?” from almost every customer. The first thing every motorist should know is that by following a regular maintenance plan, your tires will be properly rotated, balanced, and kept at the correct pressure for the maximum amount of time you can safely drive on them. When they are approaching the end of their effective lifespan, your Auto Repair Shop will alert you. That being said, many motorists will try to extend the life of their tires past the point of needing replacement. If they’re still drivable, why replace them now, right? Wrong! Here are the three top reasons that you shouldn’t wait to replace your vehicle’s tires after a professional mechanic recommends a new set.

1. Performance – A good set of tires will improve multiple aspects of your vehicle’s performance. First, the tread will allow your vehicle to get maximum traction. This will ensure that you can stop quickly, handle sharp turns, and accelerate quickly without spinning out. Secondly, you will feel a noticeable difference in the feeling of how your vehicle drives. The ride will feel smoother and the steering will feel more responsive. When tires are bare, you will feel a pulling, shaking, or vibrating. Finally, your tires will also help with your suspension. You’ll notice this when your tires are worn and you feel an uncomfortably bumpy and erratic ride. Like you can feel every bump and pothole as if you were off-roading.

2. Fuel Economy – There is a notion among some motorists that they’re saving money by stretching out the life of their tires. However, what this notion fails to consider is that fuel economy can be negatively affected by worn tires. If your tires are worn unevenly, not balanced properly, or not at the proper pressure, it can cost you big at the pump. When your tires are off for any reason, your vehicle must work that much harder to keep consistent contact with the road. Any time your vehicle has to work harder, it uses more fuel. So, by holding out on replacing those worn out tires, you’re costing yourself money in fuel economy. The longer you hold out for that new set of tires, the more this cost adds up.

3. Safety – We won’t harp on this one too much. We know that you’re aware that worn tires can be a safety hazard. Not only for yourself and your passengers, but for everyone else on the road. Just consider this, each one of your tires is responsible for supporting one quarter of the weight of your entire vehicle. That can be up to 1,800 lbs! So, if your tires are compromised due to worn tread it can be pretty scary. When they are in satisfactory condition, your tires give your vehicle the ability to brake quickly and reliably. If their tread is worn down too far, you can no longer rely on your ability to come to a stop quickly without slipping and sliding. On top of that, you run the risk of a full blowout, which can lead to an accident. Or, at the very least, a stranded driver and a tow truck bill. Drive safely and make sure your tires are in proper driving condition.

Hopefully, you now have a more complete picture of how important keeping a functional set of tires on your vehicle can be. We mentioned this already, but once you invest in a new set of tires, following a regular maintenance plan will insure that you get every mile possible out of them. Frequent inspections will catch any uneven ware, cracks, or blemishes. Regular pressure checks will find possible leaks that might not be immediately noticeable. And having your tires regularly rotated will prevent uneven tread wear. So, for your safety, your wallet, and your comfort; do yourself and your vehicle a favor and replace your tires when your mechanic recommends you do so.

If you are in the market for a new set of tires, call AG Automotive today and ask about our “Buy 3, Get the 4th FREE!” tire special. This offer is available for all Mastercraft or Cooper brand tires. Ask your Advisor if you need help choosing the tire that best suits your needs. This offer includes a FREE alignment check!

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